These days Waze and Google Maps make getting places easy...most of the time.  You can access the farm via Harris Street or Wachusett Street.  Either way, just make sure you drive over a bridge, and you'll be headed in the right direction.  We will have lots of signs up to make it as easy as possible!  

Our address is 124 River Street and you will be greeted by a big stone wall and the longest driveway ever.  Don't turn back, this means you're close!  Once you get to the very top, we will be there, outside a big white house.  Don't panic when you don't see any trees... there are lots just over the slope of the hill.  From here  you will get to grab a cup of hot cider or cocoa and wander around our property while you pick out your tree.  Spend as much time as you'd like and enjoy the experience!